Redefining Masculinity in 2018

This morning I woke up wanting to find a podcast that parallels where I am on my own journey of seeking what it means to be a man in 2018.

A podcast for men who are searching to become better men (and ultimately better people) by dropping the facade of (toxic) Masculinity that we are raised by in our culture. I’m not trying to deny my masculine traits and instincts. I’m trying to bring better balance to them by strengthening the feminine ones that also live within me, and all other living things. And if it happens to help dismantle the Patriarchy that’s been ruling the world forever, I’m totally cool with that too.

I picked up my phone to search the Googles, and saw that I had this text waiting for me from a good friend:

I hadn’t heard of Justin Baldoni, or watched ‘Jane the Virgin’, the tv show he’s on starring Gina Rodriquez. But it sounded like his TED Talk might be just what I was looking for so I watched. Then I watched it again. It really resonated with me.
I was wondering why I hadn’t come across this video during my prior searches, and realized that his video was just released FIVE DAYS AGO.
Justin also has a new website – We Are Man Enough where he has meaningful conversations with small groups of men about:
We’re at the beginning of a movement for change. It gives me hope. And I’m glad to see many other men like me out there that are ready for it.