Jeff and I are switching on the growth mindset

TL;DR: Fun dog video of Jeff learning to “find it”.

I like to learn by doing.

But I used to avoid learning new tech because it was too intimidating and made me feel foolish or out of touch.

I’m quite comfortable with my etch-a-sketch thank you, why fuq around learning something new and get all stressed?

For 2018 I say Chalé that.  I’m trying to find joy in everything, wherever it is.

So today I learned some basic iMovie stuff (super easy and I feel foolish for avoiding it), and I’m still learning messing around here on WordPress.

Meanwhile Jeff is learning how to find what I want him to!

Turns out his adorable doggo sniffer is not just boopin’! Who knew?

And I’m also learning how to train him to find things, thanks to my awesome, animal loving friend Gerri!

Jeff and I had a lot of fun making it this video, and we hope you have fun watching it!


What’s your comfortable etch-a-sketch that you’re still holding onto? Toss it aside and learn something new. You won’t regret it!

BTW: I was legit surprised by what he did at the end! You could even say I was FLOORED! #dogdadjoke