Saturday Morning Cartoons and Taxes

It’s early Saturday morning.

Everyone else in the house is still asleep. If it was 1981, I’d be making myself a bowl of cereal, switch on the TV, crank the channel knob over to 7 and watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Then during commercial breaks Schoolhouse Rock! videos would come on and I’d learn about conjunctions, adverbs, electricity, math and even politics.

We Gen-Xer’s still have many of these songs lying dormant in our heads until we hear the proper hypnotic cues.

Go ahead and try it. Find your nearest Gen-Xer and just whisper “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” and watch what happens.

One of the more memorable videos was  “I’m Just a Bill” about how a bill becomes a law.

Apparently members of our Congress never watched this simple explanation of how our government process works.

While we were all sleeping at 2am, the Republican party rushed through voting and passing their tax bill 51-49.

Now, let me reach out to my Conservative friends, because I really want to know – what do you truly think about this process? Not only the Bill but the process?

Most Conservatives I know consider themselves patriotic. Maybe even more-so than the average American. Typically they have immediately family in the military or are Veterans themselves. Just like my family.

I used to be much more conservative until I realized I care about people and community more than money, but I see the importance of a limited government and obviously our tax system is far beyond broken.

But I need help understanding how what happened last night is okay with anyone.

Assuming you love your country, how can voting on a 500 page draft (literally with handwritten notes in the margins) in a matter of a few hours be good for our country?

What happened to your sense of order and process? When did tossing all of that out to give a tax break to the rich become okay with you? I’m listening.

If the bill is really so great for the country, wouldn’t you agree that there should have been more thought, care and discussion brought to the process? The way it should be done as described in the video that even a child can understand.

Look at your Republican leaders right now. Who are they really helping by rushing this bill through without discussion? Their middle class constituents like you and your family, or their rich donors? This is why I’m no longer say I’m  a conservative. Their actions clearly show us who they work for and what they care more about.

I’ve spent more time researching which BBQ Grill to buy, than the time Congress just spent on our country’s future.

And I’m not a fan of Democrats either, and we need to get rid of the 2 party system, but at least the Democrats wanted time to READ THE FUCKING BILL before voting on it. That wasn’t good enough for Republicans.

That’s shameful.

Would you agree the whole thing just feels kinda…swampy?